PromoSmarter has teamed up with Reflective Shopper to provide our customers a smarter way to source a safer tote bag.

Graphic Design

Have you found the perfect product but can’t find it in the perfect color?  Or worse, can’t find the perfect product at all?  Overseas sourcing gives us the ability to fully customize any product for you or create a product from scratch, without outrageous minimums or fees.

Our goal is to bring a global network of manufacturers and logistic providers to your reach to decrease your costs and increase product customization options.  Average cost savings with international orders are 25%+ and require no additional work on your part.  We pride ourselves on managing every step of the process including design, production, air or ocean freight, duties and import taxes, customs and domestic inbound freight.  With overseas sourcing, we are only limited by our imagination.


Patented reflective edging illuminates

at night and in dark areas.


Models available that can be colored on.

Great for the kids!


Keeping pedestrians visible at night after a

day of Shopping.


Reflective shopping bags are 100% recyclable

and made from eco-friendly materials.


Patented Product delivering new and unique

solution. Take your branding to the next level.

Frame Your Logo

Tote Bags are one of the most widely used promotional products today primarily because they are reusable, eco-friendly, inexpensive and provide and excellent canvas to highlight your brand.  With more and more cities banning plastic bags, the demand for reusable bags is on the rise.  If you’re going to put your brand on a tote, why not put it on the most unique and safest tote on the market?

Loads of Add-ons

While the reflective trim is the key feature, Reflective Shopper is constantly innovating and adding new features to their bags. From coloring bags to keep kids entertained to clear bags that are becoming a requirement at Stadiums and Arenas, Reflective Shopper is continuing to push the limits of what a tote bag can do.

Case Studies

Carrefour Promotional Trolley Bags With Reflective Sides

kfc promotional shopping bags – what you need to know

reflective shopping bag design idea: duty free bag with sleeve

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